Mohabbat Barhanay Ka Wazifa In Hindi

Mohabbat Barhanay Ka Wazifa In Hindi ,” On the off chance that you enthusiastically love somebody and that individual not cherish you with same power. You feel not useful for such response of that individual. At that point do Mohabbat Barhanay ka Wazifa Create Love. It is a compelling for making love in somebody heart. You ought to pursue this wazifa and get positive outcomes.

Mohabbat Barhanay Ka Wazifa

Read 99 times “Sura Al-Maida” ayat no 54 and blow on any sweet dish like juice, milk or sugar etc you must blow after reading 33 times “Sura Al-Maida” then this sweet give to that person in which heart you want to create love.

Powerful Wazifa to Create Love In Hindi

Ager ap kise sy bhot mobhat kerty hain laken wo shaks ap sy wasi mobht ni kerta jasy ap us sy shaded mohabat kerty hai. Aur ap chahty hai wo shaks bhe ap sy wasi he janoni mobhat kary jasi ap us sy kerty hain. To Mohabbat Barhanay ka Wazifa Create Love paren. In Sha Alla us ky dil main bhe ap ky liy mobhat pada ho jaiy ge.

Mohabbat Barhanay Ka Wazifa In Hindi

“Sura Al-Maida” ki ayat no 54 ko 99 dafa paren r her 33 dafa perny ky bad kise methi cheaz jasy misri, juice or suger etc py bhonk mar dain ic tara ap 3 dafa us py dam Karen aur phr wo methi chez us haks ko khela dain jis ky dil main ap mobhat pada kerna chahty hai.

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