Premi Premika Ki Shadi Ko Rokne Ke Liye Wazifa

Premi Premika Ki Shadi Ko Rokne Ke Liye Wazifa ,” Many times when you like a girl, then you start thinking about pursuing your relationship. But then you realize that he has a friend before or Shadi he is engaged. It is very painful for you that the girl you like is now going to be someone else. If there is such a problem with you then do not get frustrated, but take steps to stop the marriage / engagement of your lover.

Prami Pramika Ki Shadi ko Rokne Ke Liye Wazifa

In many love stories, it happens that a girlfriend is already married or engaged. But later when he gets the prince of his dreams, he breaks the old relationship. And decide to spend your life with your lover. If you love a girl and want to take action to stop the girlfriend’s engagement, then you should try to spend more time with her.

Shadi ko Rokne Ke Liye Wazifa

If your love is true then you should have complete faith in yourself. If you express your love with complete confidence, then he can not live without being affected by you. Before making a decision to stop the marriage of your lover or girlfriend, make sure that you do not do this for your selfish interests.

Shadi ko Rokne Ke Liye Dua

Therefore, before doing so, you should know why you want to tumble the relationship. You get the right reason to stop the engagement with your girlfriend, then you should take steps to stop her marriage or engagement.

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